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Reference Book Chapter

Understanding the rhythm of breathing: so near, yet so far
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Reference Book

Philosophie Anatomique
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Reference Clinical Trial

Scripps Wired for Health Study (Registration: 000000)
Scripps Translational Science Institute (sponsor) (2015)

Reference Conference Proceeding

Boundary learning by optimization with topological constraints
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Reference Data

NKX2-5 mutations causative for congenital heart disease retain functionality and are directed to hundreds of targets
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Reference Journal Article

Oldest Homo and Pliocene biogeography of the Malawi rift
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Reference Patent

IRE-1alpha inhibitors (US20100941530)
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Reference Periodical

Unreliable research: Trouble at the lab
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(October 19, 2013)
The Economist, p26–30.

Reference Preprint

Reference Report

Educational Excellence Everywhere
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London: HMSO

Reference Software

The Pymol Molecular Graphics System
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Reference Thesis

Theory of large fluctuations in stochastic populations
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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Reference Web

The Problem of Perception
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The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy