Many features are conserved between the mammalian nephron and planarian protonephridia.

(A) Image of a young adult C. elegans and schematic depicting the twelve pairs of sensory neurons in the anterior amphid individuals carrying a virus with k deleterious mutations at its endemic equilibrium. class carrying the fewest number of deleterious mutations is defined as mutation class k = 0. Inset: variation in the basic reproductive rate of infected individuals (gray histogram) and variation in the net reproductive rate R of infected individuals (brown histogram) resulting from variation in the number of deleterious mutations carried by circulating viruses.
F(Dfn, Dfd)Partial η2Original effect size fReplication total sample sizeDetectable effect size f
F(24,39) = 0.8678 (interaction)0.3481200.7307699169*0.3895070
F(2,39) = 0.8075 (treatments)0.0397660.2035014169*0.2415459
F(12,39) = 187.6811 (hematology parameters)0.9829787.599178169*0.3331365