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Episode 21: June 2015

In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about tinnitus and hyperacusis, salamanders, chemical harpoons, and the role of ultrasound and song in the mating rituals of mice and flies.


  1. 0:36
    What causes tinnitus?
    What causes tinnitus and hyperacusis?
    This chapter is based on the following content
  2. 6:26
    How salamanders avoid senescence
    How do salamanders survive repeated amputation of their limbs?
  3. 11:40
    Mouse ultrasound
    Mice use ultrasound to communicate during courtship.
  4. 16:50
    Drosophila duet: mating flies harmonise
    Flies get to grips with acoustic duetting.
  5. 21:47
    Chemical Harpoons: bacterial anchors
    Covalent bonds help bacteria stick to tissue.